Here we go again

Night shoots are something that I don’t like to do, this is because I am not very good at doing manual metering using my camera. Today, because I wanted to eat Biang Biang noodles from Chocha Foodstore, I decided to bring out my camera and see if there are any good opportunities out there.

Decided to also bring out my colour camera, as sometimes, it’s nice to see some colours. The photos are not new; I probably have taken the photo of the subjects before. Just that today feel like shooting the same thing.

Safe to say that I did not managed to get my Biang Biang noodle as there were too many people. And I resorted to some lousy food at halal Mee Tarik (pulled noodle). Not withstanding that, I was already hungry and I better eat something.

ps – I am sad, cause I lost my lens cap! Arghh…

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