Because I ran out of photos to process, I decided to open YouTube and look for inspiration on some editing. This is not something that I typically do but sometimes it’s cool to do it.

The first photo is the original photo that I edited using purely Lightroom. Yes, it looks like a perfectly exposed photo. What I find a bit distracting is the chair on the left as well as those light holes at the back of it, plus it is not so sharp :p

The one at the bottom is something that I just edited. I did the following changes to it:

  • Remove the light holes by using the spot healing tool.
  • Create a vignette around the person and darken the exposure and shadow across the non-main elements.
  • Use Smart Sharpen on the back of the luminosity channel to only change the lights rather than have some sort of colour shift.

Does it look better?

By the way, the photo below was the original!

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