Me and my colleagues during annual dinner!

Two more weeks, and it will be the end of the decade. This year moved so fast, that I barely could breathe. The year ain’t over but I am already feeling breathless. In fact, if you look at the postings for this year, it is actually very much less compared to the previous years. I wish I had more time to posts, but I guess work got ahead of me.

Moving to this year, I seem to be getting way more work compared to the first year working in the bank. Am I happy? I can’t be more thrilled in fact. Not to say I am a masochistic person, but being given the opportunity to do more role is proof that the bosses do believe in my ability to deliver. On the flip side, it could also prove that I am such a good actor! I hope that I am not.

Can I share what I do in the bank? Well at this point probably not. I will leave it to my LinkedIn profile which has not been updated for more than a year. I do really need to do that. Maybe a goal that I will draw up for the new year!

My working life cuts across three decades, and if I have to summarise – it would be the following:

  • The 90s – Logical Foundation – Started work as an Analyst in Accenture. Was a full-on developer. Definitely shaped my logical thinking here!
  • The New Millenium – Business Foundation – Continue to be an Analyst and left Accenture to join a “startup” together with my other ex-Accenture colleague. Pseudo-business owner taught me how to handle business matters and….. wait for it……. SALES.
  • The Second Coming – Back to my roots – After completing my stint in Cuscapi, I went back to Accenture. Continue to do a lot of sales and account management. Was a good 8 years before I decided to land a job in Banking. Was I happy? Well to be honest, after 2 years – I can never be happier! I used to say this to my friends, I wished I joined banking much earlier.

The last 1 year has been quite a challenging year. My scope has expanded leaps and bounds but I continue to transform myself to be able to cope with all the new work and learnings. Not easy, but I managed to maintain composure. I do hope that I can end the year with a high. It is probably my most learned year ever. I do hope that I am able to be a better person(banker) next year.

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