30 Days of Habit Building

As part of me trying to find more things to do rather than watching Netflix, I decided that I should restart doing two things daily to fill up my free time. Generally – after I finished work, I try not to touch anything related to work! I tend to do work even though the office hours are over. It is quite common for me to work late – but I tend to bring work home because I feel like my brain is still thinking about work — not a good practice, especially for mental health.

Hence, I need to start new positive habits. I am a creature of habit, be it good or bad. Some of the good ones include:

  • Morning workout
  • Healthy supplements

But in contrast, I also have terrible ones:

  • Netflix binging
  • Unhealthy snacks

I need to start reversing the terrible ones with positive ones that have more extended benefits to myself. Two that came to my mind are:

  • Learning
  • Writing


My employer provided me with a few learning platforms:

  • Moody Training
  • Linkedin Learning

The sites above allow me to learn topics that can help in my career building. By training myself with new skills, I can do my work better.


Writing is another skill that I need to improve. Despite having a decent conversational English, I felt that there are a lot of things that I need to improve. There are, of course, two ways of improving – one is by reading, while the other is by practicing. There was a time when I write a lot, but now I seem to be distracted by other things and have not been writing. Writing can be in the form of a journal (handwritten) or through blogging. I want to blog more.

Hence – I am setting a 30-day challenge for me to write and learn more. Every day, I need to spend a combined time of 1 hour to write and learn. The challenge start today! 

Today is day 1!

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