300 days reboot…

Yes – I am taking the step forward, but does it going upwards or downwards. Sometimes you are at a crossroad and need to assess where you are in order to assure yourself that you take the steps in the right direction. It may be a step forward, but is it in the right direction that you want it to go. For all you know, it is to the direction where you are going further down the rabbit hole.

Therefore, it is important for you to continuous track and assesses where you are. Yes – you need to move but need to move and assure yourself that you are correct.

The reason I am ranting is that I’ve been doing this thing for few weeks but I have not been tracking it, and when I assess myself today, it seems that I have not been in the right direction. Yes, I am aware that I’ve done a lot of mistakes but yet I never took the assessment because I am too scared that I might veer off the direction that I want to go. But – the worst case scenario happens as I actually took 20 steps backwards!
Anyway – the key is for us to look forward and move. Need to move to the right direction and I am now taking remedial steps to get back to where I started and push forward. It’s not about moving fast, but taking baby steps so that you can get to where you were.
Ok – some context, I put myself to reach a target (get back to where I was in 2008) within 300 days (yes I love to timebox my objectives within a set number of days), but it seems that after almost a week, I am actually worsted off than when I first started. I need to push myself harder and hopefully, I will get to where I want to go in the next 7 days. Always good to reflect, in fact, given where I am now – I need to take the assessment daily so that I know that I am progressing and moving in the right direction. It is hard, it is difficult but other people have done what I intend to achieve this, I think I can achieve this. Time to work harder, time to focus because the journey is long. Just that the first 7 days is bad, does not mean that the rest of 293 days will be a failure. There is time for me to recover and get back on the right track.
One of the things that I have been doing right for the past 7 days was to write down on paper what I have done right, and what went wrong. But I did not track my progress. The initial thinking was by thinking about what I have done wrong, I can take remedial steps so that the next day I will do better. But it seems that by not looking at the progress, I don’t know the severity of the problem and thus did not take the remedial steps seriously. Now that I know that I am far worse than when I first started, I will be more focused. Yes – ranting works. Time to push forward.

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