Photography Review (Part 1) 2005 to 2009

It has been almost 15 years since I first started photography. It all started because I spent so much time at work and needed to find a hobby that can occupy me. That was the biggest and best decision I made, but of course throughout the year – I realised that I spent so much money on equipment. On the bright side, I did spent a lot of time taking photos and during the years where I didn’t spend, that’s definitely during the time when I had to do more work.

Things have changed along the years. It is 15 years later, and now I have more time to myself given my new work. I do strive to take more photo but spend lot less on gears. I believe I have a good set of gears, and now the most important part for me is to go out and shoot.

The start – 2005 – Olympus E300

I have been shooting photos for many years. In fact – I first picked up photography back in 2005 where I bought my first camera which was an Olympus E300. I went crazy and shoot almost every damn thing. Back then – I was still learning (and empty wallet) – as such I made do with what ever that I had. After many years – I thought this photo was such a random – unconnected photo. If I were to repeat this again, I would love to be able to shoot with an eye contact. The photo would be able to tell a better story then.


2006 – Moving up the Value Chain – Nikon D70

2006 – I continue to move up the value chain and upgraded my camera to Nikon D70 with a whole suite of lenses. And as 2005 – I continue to shoot a lot of photos. I even went to my first overseas holiday which was to Hanoi. This was together with many more photographers as part of Crossing Bridges.

During this year – I was inspired by National Geography. In fact in my trip to Hanoi, I saw a whole bunch of portraits from National Geography in the hostel that I stayed in Singapore.


2007 – More Upgrades – Nikon D200, Leica M8

I continue to buy more photography equipment! Oh my god – but to be honest I that time, I was really into photography where I spent almost every single weekend shooting photos.

Following is a model shoot that I had together with a bunch of Photomalaysia members. Krystal…


My first Leica ever – Leica M8. An awesome piece of camera and glass. This is one of my favourite photo ever on this camera. Honestly, I can even remember what lens I used as I use mostly second hand lenses which does not have 6-bit encoding.


2008 – Moving to Canon and full frame

OK – this is when things get a bit ridiculous. I acquired a new camera – 1D Mark III, 1DS Mark III. Also – I went to New York for a quick break – almost 3 weeks.




2009 – Downgrade to EP1

I guess – what goes up, must come down. I decided to and use a much smaller camera because its a lot easier 🙂



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