Blogging and Photography Reflections (1 of 30)

I started my blog many years ago, and it started way before the social media days. It is a platform for me to share mostly my photos, and then it kind of progress to videos and at some point, I just share my knowledge and my daily reflections.

It is not a very successful blog, but it still remain a platform that I will maintain because its something personal, and something that I am willing to step out of my comfort introvert self and share it with the world.

I may be look like an extrovert and expressive person, but deep in my heart, I do think I am extreme introvert. I prefer to be myself and do things on my own rather than sharing it with somebody, which is probably true in the last couple of years.

Today is a Sunday 27th January 2019, and I want to post myself a challenge for the next 30 days to at least post something. Not necessarily photography, but something that I will need to write. If its a photo, there must be a story that comes behind it.


Honestly, photography – despite being my core hobby, I somewhat have lost the essence of it. Perhaps because of the advance of technology that makes photography so much easier! In fact, there were a lot of instances that I thought carrying a camera is too hassle, when I do have a fantastic iPhone that can shoot photo like a professional.

I guess, the key thing for me is to be able to continue to shoot and push myself. I do need to discover myself and find that is that photography genre that I want to. It is not easy to get the genre. I always think that I am street shooter but in the past couple of years, because I have not been shooting much, I rarely shoot in this genre. Probably more of travel photography.

Should I be focus?

Well I think I should. I do work in town, and I do think that I need to get out there and shoot at least once a week. I know its not easy, carrying my camera all the time but if I don’t do this – sigh, I will lose that touch which I think I have lost.

The trip to Chiang Mai – I must say – my photo is shit. Perhaps because I doing more touristy stuffs rather than going on a photography trip. My next trip is to Yangon the coming weekend, and I do need to focus on doing the right thing and shoot more street photo. Yes – I will still continue to shoot touristy stuffs as I am in a new place, but I do need to get myself out there and walk along the streets in order to shoot! What’s the point of carrying a Leica if I don’t shoot that way!

One of my best photo ever!
A picture of a homeless man – in a backalley near Central Market. He was telling us about his lifestory. He ended up crying.

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