Black and White Recap


There was a time in my life that I decided that shooting digital was overrated and I needed to go back to traditional medium. This is an effort that I took because I was shooting too much and chimping most of the time. Is it worth it? Is it worth while? Well to be honest it was a great thing!


Photo above was taken during a trip to Tawau as part of Crossing Bridges recce trip. Shot on Leica M6 with 35mm summicron if I am not mistaken. Really love the sharpness as well as well as the effect that monochrom gives me. The only thing that I fret is the process that needs to be taken to process it. Some people love it, but for me its just a pain in the arse!


Exposure control is extremely important! Of course digitally after we scan we can edit it but its not as simple as its not raw images. Need to do the push during scanning – in which I can’t remember where I put the negatives. Oops!


The photo above shows something that I never realized was really good. Love it! So much of expression from the eyes that pops out from behind the pillar!


The photo above shows the expression of livelihood in Semporna. So much of happiness with so little.


My favourite photo to be honest. Ringside view of a boxing match.IMG048.jpg

Its a break!

I don’t think I will take a break – as of now, I still need to shoot more. Have not been shooting for a while, really need to get back to it. As I would tell my friends, my problem is that I have way too many hobbies and has not been concentrating on one.

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