70 days to end of the year (1 of 70)


I fell off the bandwagon for a really Long time. Despite that – this year so far I have achieved a considerable amount of weight loss in comparison to last year. It is good but I could do better. There are a couple of issues that I need to resolve – mainly with my disciplinary habits.

It’s amazing on how I achieve what I have achieved yet still not being disciplined. I remember those days where I was Super disciplined.

I would make sure that I go to gym more than once a day, followed by a carefully planned diet. I would take into consideration the pointers that are on https://www.womendailymagazine.com to form the diet. Without fail I will be so focused and get what I want. In fact I was so fit then that I was able to run full marathon.   

Now – its just bad. I wouldn’t say age is a problem because there are people of the same age as me that have achieved more that what I can do now. It all boils down to getting my ass to work hard enough. 

Now that I have more time – I should really focus on transforming myself. I can’t just put transformation for the work that I do but also for my own self. There’s 70 days left for this year, and I need to take advantage of the 70 days to shape up my habits as I get to the new year.

This year – despite losing what I lose, I still didn’t achieve my target. In fact I am far off. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done but it starts with my mind first.

The reality is that this is a life and death situation in which if I don’t do this, my left expectancy is going to be cut short by many years. And with the lifestyle that I have this is just shit to be honest. I do sound quite depressed but this the way to push myself to move to the next level.

So – back to the topic of choice, there’s 70 days and I need to make full use of it to shape the habit for 2019. It’s time to start the transformation now. It can’t be that strict yet it is a habitual thing where I am being healthy and at the same time lose weight and regain back the health that I have lost in the last 10 years. So many things that I need to tackle but I will start by shaping the way that I eat and exercise. The rest can wait till next year (mean there are other things).

So hence Project70 is born. Last 70 days.

  • 70 days of healthy food
  • 7 days of cheat meal
  • 7 days of rest day
  • 70 blog post
  • 10kg weight loss target!

So let’s do this. Minimum 30 mins exercise a day. Seriously. Need to make sure this happen.

Can I do this. Yes I can. This should be walk in the park. But I can’t push so hard that I feel depress when I fall down the bandwagon.

It’s 10 weeks of goodness. I have measured myself this morning and I will measure only once a week. There is 10 weeks which means that I have 1kg a week target which is a lot. Not easy but if I focus I can do this.

At the end of the 70 days – I will break my psychological target which is what I weigh 7 years ago. Slowly but surely but I can do this. It’s time to push hard.

So today is starting with a run!

I do intend to continue my 10K workout. Need to start running and be a runner. I want to run half marathon next year. Don’t care. Will need to run. No matter what people say I will do it. I can do this. And I do this. Not going to be easy but I’ll do it!

Diet Rules?

I’ll keep the rule flexible. Stricter rules will kill me. I won’t be doing keto because I need to keep my heart healthy. I know what people say about it but I can’t just get myself to wallop cream and butter. Yes – once in a while is ok but that’s bad shit. I will need not totally eliminate it. Still need it.

I Guess the best is to eat clean and maintain calorific deficit. That’s the best. Need to watch out for sodium level as well as I need to manage my blood pressure. Sugar is definitely a no go. That’s bad shit. Seriously.

I will allow 7 days of cheat meal. So – that’s the time when I have sugar. Such as dessert. The rest I need to focus on keeping in sane. Carbs are fine but that needs to be limited. Every time I have carbs I need to replace it with a Long cardio the next day. I can’t let the carbohydrates linger in my body for so Long.

Workout Strategy

  • Morning – cardio – 70 days with 7 days of rest day
  • Evening – weight. 3 times a week at least. Golf – once a week at least.

So I guess I am all set. Now just need to push on. Till tomorrow!

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