Center The Bakery


IMG_0276.jpgOk. Now it’s time for lunch. My good mate recommended me this place somewhere not far from Ginza. Which serves…. out of all things toast. So am eating toast for lunch (and while waiting… the person in front toast smells super good).

First meal – toast bread. Three kind of bread, british, american and Japanese. This is to pair with butter and jam. Plus I get to choose my own toaster. There’s so much of jam. From the left…


Cherry, marmalade and strawberry and on the bottom row – Hazelnut, cheese and honey.

IMG_0282.jpgAlso the butter comes in French, Hokkaido and domestic. I must say the Hokkaido taste like Ghee!!!


Now to the main course, Kurage A4 wagyu sandwich. Fried to perfection smothered inside a toast of Japanese bread. Oh dear. After the toast set – I must say my tummy is going (or already have) exploded!


Good meal indeed. Wouldn’t mind coming here again to eat. But maybe not the Wagyu sandwich. It’s pretty heavy. If I do want the wagyu sandwich, then I just need 1 piece of toast.

This place is expensive I must say. The wagyu sandwich is JPY6000!!!

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