Back at Learning

It has been a while since I read my banking book. Been busy to be honest. Handled a lot of stuffs, but I figure if I don’t read a book in the morning or at night on banking, I won’t be doing much reading. I need to get myself familiar with banking in order to do my work better.

So today – I am back at reading the Principles of Banking. I must say is a very good book to give a background, and 6 months passed, a lot of terms mentioned in the book is very very familiar. When I first started reading the book, a lot of the information felt gibberish but now most of it, I have heard!

So anyway – today is really simple. The book talks about the different types of products in a bank (obviously looks familiar!).

Well – looks familiar but not the same. Most of the products shown above I have encountered before in my work but of course on the surface level. I am not part of the business but classified more like a support function. I vow to do some infographics to show what I learn here, but of course it takes time.

I am trying to use InDesign, but I must say is freaking difficult. Using PowerPoint is so much easier to do. Perhaps because I’ve been using it for years!

Till then…

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