London – Brewed Cocoa



Few years ago (2016) – I made a trip to London. It was business trip to bring clients to see Fjord – which was an acquisition by Accenture. The clients were already in London and they asked if I can organize a session with Fjord. At that time, Fjord wasn’t in South East Asia yet, therefore the best place to visit was London.

I took some time off after the trip to walk around London. One of the places I went was this chocolate place(Mast Chocolate). Can’t remember the name – but it originated from New York. I was there because my friend wanted some and I did buy. As it was cold, I couldn’t resist but try the hot chocolate. Me being me, wanted to try some interesting, and what I did was to try out this brewed cocoa (beans). Nope – its not hot chocolate!


The photo above shows the siphon heating up. Hey – I am a gadget person, obviously cool toy like that will interest me, hence I was sucked into buying the cocoa drink (nope – its not hot chocolate!)

Ok – I didn’t take picture of the ready product. Honestly – as far as I remember, it did not taste great. In fact – it was the most expensive drink and it taste like.. .errrrk!

Honestly – for those that has not try such drink should go ahead and try it! Its probably an acquired taste!


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