Memories in Accenture – St Charles

After I graduated from University of Warwick in 1999 – I decided to come back to Malaysia despite being offered to do post graduate courses. Both in PHD and Masters by my sponsor. Perhaps because I managed to do quite well in degree. Despite all the offers, I decided to go back home anyway. I needed to take a break. It has been a tough year where I had to catch up with my “poor” grade in 2nd year. Too much party in my 2nd year perhaps that I had to really buck up in my 3rd year. Never studied so much in my life to be honest.

After graduating from Warwick – I had two offers. One was from Bank Negara (Central Bank) and the other was from Accenture. My family asked that I join Bank Negara, especially because it was a government entity and life would have been very stable there. I decided then to join Accenture. Perhaps because I wanted to join a multi national corporation. The funny bit – now that I think about it, I should have joined an investment banker in UK – perhaps I will be much richer now. I am quite sure I am able to do well then. But its ok.

In Accenture – within the first two weeks – I then join the office trip in Awana Kijal, then followed by a trip to Sydney for training. Not far from there – I then head over to St Charles – which is the global training center for Accenture. Now it is called Q-Center – after the Enron drama.

The following two photos were taken as class photos. I bet 90% of the people in this photos has left Accenture. Wonder if you can identify where I am! This are all good memories to be honest. It was really good fun. 3 or 4 weeks in St Charles. Pretty awesome. First time in the US – was a good experience 🙂


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