Sometimes you ponder about your dreams

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We always dream, always try to achieve the best in you, always imagine what it could be if you can do this and that. But the fact of the matter, we still stay in reality. And the dreams would not be achieved if you don’t work for it.

I have friends who said that they are a dreamer, but question in my mind is that – if you are a dreamer, are you working hard enough to push yourself to achieve your dream. Well – this is also a self reflection that I keep reminding myself. It is easy to dream, it is easy to think about the best car in the world, but reality is reality. We need to work for what we want, and nobody is going to give you anything.

So what I am doing today that will make a difference for me to achieve my dream?

The first question should, what did I dream today that I want to achieve?

Who knows.

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