Coffee Rant: Jobless Reflection

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It has been about a 10 days since I last left my previous job. I must say the job that I had was really demanding and took a lot from me. I spent day and night on the job. Even though I might not be looking at the laptop, my brain were constantly thinking and my eyes were glued to my phone.

Fast forward 10 days, I don’t have any emails to check, no task to think, no nothing. I do feel some sort of emptiness because I don’t have an objective to achieve. Which is why I started blogging again. In my current travel – my production rate is quite good in which my photos and videos were out about +1 day!

During this time when I am not occupied with work, I am thinking on what would I do in my next gig. It will not be easy as I have not been in that industry before. But to me – in order for me to be successful, I need to get out of my comfort zone and do something new. Despite the fact that my previous job is hard, I am actually pretty good at it and I very comfortable on the things that I do. So much so that I am in control of a lot of the parameters.

In the new gig – completely new industry, new colleagues, new bosses. Am I ready? Well now obviously no – but in about a month time I am sure I am.

I now need to decide on how I want to shape my thinking and personality for the new role. It is going to be a huge challenge but I want to make it big. It is an organization that is known to be hard but if you do well it’ll be rewarding.

In addition to reflecting on my role, I also need to reflect on my responsibility towards my health and well being. I know in my previous role I have been neglecting quite a bit of my health. I am now in the process of reversing it and hoping that with more bandwidth that I have in my new job, I would be able to make it better (or rather certainly).

So in summary, here are my thoughts on my jobless reflection:

  1. Looking forward for a new challenge in an uncomfortable position.
  2. Looking at better me(health and well being) with the new found bandwidth (hopefully).

Let’s see…:

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