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First before anything – first update would be on the BP issue. Realised that I took my reading wrongly. And now there are some improvements. I need to keep going to keep it in check. Need to continue to cut down on salt and lose weight.

On the point of losing weight, I know at the start of the year I started the #project364days but I guess that went down the drain. However, I did lose approximately about 14kg and now I need to figure out what to do next.

In the past couple of weeks – I’ve been considering going aggressive and try out Atkins/Keto type diet to really shock the system. Despite the fact that slow burn is the best, my personality doesn’t seem to be working well as I tend to drop off the bandwagon quite quickly. I need to focus on something that’s solid, very regimented and something that I can follow to the teeth. There are a lot of changes that need to make but I guess in order to accelerate, I need to make hard changes and then taper down to a stable pace.

In total – I have about 60kg to lose as of to date. That’s pretty a lot. Not a simple task, but with perseverance – I am quite sure I can achieve this. Today would be the first day for me to try out this, and I will keep tabs on this and make sure that I can reach what I want to achieve in another 364 days. Not going to be easy.

Few things about this “new” diet,

  1. Focus on super low carbs
  2. Get into ketosis zone (need to get some Keto strip)
  3. Drink a lot of water. At least 3L a day.
  4. Regular exercise.

I’ve seen people who lost 20kg even on the first month. I doubt I would be able to get down to that. In fact – the first 5 weeks is the most important and I am hoping that I can achieve it.

Plan for today Day 0

  1. Breakfast – skip!
  2. Lunch – salad at subway
  3. Dinner – chicken and vegetables.

As I am also trying to reduce my BP, for the first five weeks it is going to be challenging because I will be skipping direct salt. Must also reduce water retention. So skip everything.

For now – no cheat meal has been planned. But let’s focus on getting thru the first 5 weeks and decide where I want to head to next. Going to be an amazing journey. Wish me luck!

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