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My license was going to expire in the next couple of weeks. Initially I wanted to renew the license at the Post Office when I was renewing my road tax, but due to some issues with MyKad, I had to postpone it. Finally, after getting a new MyKad, I pop over to a post office in Cyberjaya after my meeting there. Happily queuing up for a good 20 mins under stuffy and humid weather(Cyberjaya Post Office is in a bus station) РI was declined the renewal because I have an outstanding summon. Fine..

I went and asked the person on the counter if I can pay the summon, the person said I can’t. I need to go to a JPJ office. Ok fine…

Weeks after – I had some free time, so I drove over to JPJ branch in Maju Junction, to pay the summon and renew my license. Happy passing the person my newly minted MyKad – the person said, nope you can’t settle the summon here. My license has been blacklisted and I need to go to JPJ HQ to clear my blacklist! Oh gosh.


While waiting for the next morning, I decided to go to JPJ website to check what kind of blacklisting did I get. Here the message that I got!




My god… gah. It’s ok. So I figure, who cares. Just go the next morning to JPJ office. Leave perhaps at about 6.45am and reach there right in front of the queue! The counter opens at 7.45am. As per any of my trips during peak hour, I check on Waze the night before..


19 mins… hmmm good. Be there 25 mins earlier and be a bit kiasu.

Got there, the first and foremost I need to figure out where to go. There are so many counters at different part of the buildings. Nobody could tell me anything obviously as the counters are all closed still. Hmm. So I decided to queue up at counter 1 – where license renewal is done. At the counter to collect the number, I asked where can I go to clear my blacklist. He said counter 8. OK done!

I quickly walk towards counter 8. Counter 8 is located at the back of the building.



As I go in, I had to take the number right at the left of the counter. I was the first person to get in. woo hoo. Few minutes later, my number was called and the person check my record and asked me what do I want to do. I told her that I want to pay the summon and clear my blacklist. She said OK, the summon will be RM200.



Go take another number for Saman Semula (resummon), and you can settle it there.



It’s strange. The saman semula counter is in a room. I guess its meant to be for tough negotiation. For mine, no negotiation. Bang bang bang…. then he reopened the summon, and wait until my number is called at the payment counter. 2 mins later, my number was called and everything is settled. The person at the counter asked me to wait for 30 mins and then go renew my license. Apparently, 30 mins is the amount of time the blacklist can be removed.

By time this, it was already about 8.20am. I waited for another 30 mins and then picked up my number at Kaunter 1. Before I managed to sit, my number was called up! That efficient. Do note that there’s damn a lot of people. After 2 mins, transaction was done, and I was asked to drop off the receipt at the license printer counter (counter 16). Went to counter 16 drop off the receipt. 5 mins later number was called.. and…. I got my brand new license. Happy. All in all, I was out of JPJ by 8.55am…. Pretty impressed.


As much as people can say about how inefficient is the government service. In my past experience dealing with them – I am happy with it. Obviously I have not gone into more complex transactions such as land conversion etc etc. But looking at how much improvement have they become in key government services – I am confident that things will get better.


7 thoughts on “Blacklisted by JPJ

  1. Nabila says:

    hello.. JPJ HQ memang kat wangsa maju ye kalaukat KL ni?

  2. Ken says:

    Hi Fazli. Thanks for sharing the info. Would like to ask if I kena jpj summon blacklist but need to go to court one but I have missed the court appointment can I still use your method for settle the summon? Thanks ?

    1. mohamadfazli says:

      I am not sure actually. But I suggest go to JPJ first and see if can settle out of court.

  3. ZJ says:

    Hi Ken, any updates for how you cleared yours?

    Hi Fazli, thanks for the really detailed experience! was wondering whether could i get a runner to do it on behalf instead?

  4. Mike says:

    Reviving old topic. Can I do it on another person’s behalf? Or offender have to be present to settle it?

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