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As much as we think we are living in a poor state, can’t afford food, place to live, car, petrol and etc, there are a lot more poorer people in the world. The photo above was taken in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. That’s there house, the place where they grow up. Can see in the background, the mother cooking something for the kids to eat.

The house that they stay, is just a sheet of plastic that was hooked on a wall, in front of a big bungalow. Sad really. The trip to Bangladesh couple of years ago made me cherish what I have. Amazing experience indeed…

Do give some respect to the Bangladeshis who travel to Malaysia to work. They have the balls to do what ever necessary to change themselves and their families. Working like a dog, day and night so that in couple of years they are able to give their family a much better life. They are not sampah – they are just another human being that is trying to make a better life..

Respect Humanity…

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