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Landrover Defender

This is what I call temptation


In the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about acquiring a 4wd – the classic defender. It looks really cool – though it drives like shit. My super issue with buying the landy is I am afraid that it’ll be a white elephant. Something similar to my other 4wd that has been sitting around doing nothing for 2 years. Doubt it can be started.

The other issue that I might face is the height of the vehicle. At approximately 2m to 2.1m, it could be a challenge to navigate thru the car park. From what I understand, the height of my current car park at home is 1.95m (though I am quite sure I would be able to go in). The other thing is of course the car park at my work place. That’s about 2m. Gosh. Tricky – very tricky in fact.

Its definitely a cool car, and if I get one, some driving adventures obviously. Not sure if I’ll do off road, but some long drives to Thailand and Laos would be interesting. But we shall see when that comes. The price is also very steep, considering its bare metal. Comparing to the other 4wd like Hilux or Ranger, the price of the Defender is 50% more expensive. Gosh. But it’s for the good fun. Honestly. If you don’t have a defender, you don’t have a 4wd. Woo hoo.

Let’s see. I have not test driven this in a while. Last time was yonks ago. Probably I’ll arrange a test drive this weekend. And see where that takes me.

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