I always like this picture

Back in 2005, when I first start photography – I was really gung-ho, and was literally out there most of the times to take photo. Name it, if its a weekend, I would be roaming the street of KL and taking photo.

I must say – back then I shot damn a lot of photo, and of course the quality was nothing great. Nowadays, I shoot a lot more with my iPhone and quality is nothing to shout for. Well – I don’t really do much photography to be exact.

Siva Sakhti Dance Academy - Classical Dance Saga

The photo above, is one my nicer photo when I first started. The lighting sucks, the lens that I have can’t go that far. But yet I manage to capture this image. Bare in mind, this was not a studio shoot – hence the picture and lighting was based on what ever available on the stage.

If I recall – the photo was shot in Dewan Tunku Chancellor, UM. One of the small event.

I should shoot more….

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