Menu for New Year!

Two dozen lamb chops has been cooked at 57 degrees for four hours. Later will sear it with garlic butter… now in the water bath is tenderloin with stuffed blue cheese and coat with truffle oil.. cooked at 58 degrees (to cater for the not so rare-eater) – later will be seared with butter and mustard paste! Major meat fest today! just in time for my annual medical checkup before CNY!

Stash of pre-cooked meat in Sous Vide Supreme!


Post Sear Meat! Checkout the caramelization!


Cutting the tenderloin. Look at the doneness of the meat! Perfect edge to edge!


Me cutting the lamb racks to lamb chops.


Finished product! Yummy. Buttery tenderness

Tenderloin with blue cheese. Another buttery tenderness!

Till my next experiment!

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