I was rushing like nobody’s business to make it for this meeting – and as I got here in the meeting room, guess what? Nobody actually turned up! Argh. So what do I do, well switch on Photo Booth and take a picture of myself. How lovely?

I am also stuck here without any internet connectivity – can’t be bothered to tethered thru my phone as I do not want to waste the battery, and I did not bring in the USB cable! Life been quite hectic in the past 1 week in fact, rushing left-right-center-up-down just to get a few proposals out of the window. It’s definitely the start of the year here, but things are getting at hyperspeed.

I am just blabbering again, as usual as I am here – no access to internet, stuck in a nice meeting room at a level where I should not really be in! But this is where the meeting supposed to be. I’ll stick around for the next 20 mins – before I leave the meeting room and continue my work elsewhere!

Just before I bugger off – just attaching a photo of myself in the meeting room.. all alone, and bored.. while a stack of work taller than the burj-al khalifah waiting for me…. somewhere.. somehow..

Photo on 9-28-12 at 3.08 PM.jpg

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