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Don’t quite get it…

Today’s article on The Star


Basically, there’s a rebate of RM200 for any dudes and dudettes that’s is between the age of 21 and 30 for buying a smartphone. Initially it sounded great as the money can be one of the incentive moving into smartphones – building that knowledge based economy, hypermodern citizen etc etc. But the fact of the matter, buying a smartphone – RM200, how much can it helps?

In fact, given our per capita income which is generally quite low, and looking at phone prices which is about RM1000-2000, how much does RM200 can help. In fact, with RM200, it creates an excuse for youngsters to start buying smartphones even though they can’t afford it. There should be restrictions on how these rebates can be used, such … no credit card purchases, no personal loan based purchases.

If you think about it, generally a newly graduate – will probably earn about RM2000 to RM3000 (roughly). Buying a phone worth about RM1,500 is really very steep! That’s almost 75% of their salary!!! Shouldn’t they be thinking of buying more important things such as transport passes or even their first house? Come on…

I was surprised in fact when I read this article, one girl quoted saying:

Strategic planner Yeoh Yen Chow, 21, said she has always wanted to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

No offence intended to the those that really want to use the rebate and buy smartphones. My advise – make sure you invest properly and buy the phones if and only if you can afford it. Don’t start raking up those stupid credit cards just because you want to buy a smartphone, and since the government is giving you the RM200 – then you should use this opportunity to get one!

Anyway – it’s not fair perhaps. I am just ranting because when I was that age – the only phones available for me to purchase was those phones where the most powerful feature was a T9 keyboard that can allow me to type SMS at 100 words a minute!! Ha ha…

Then again – just ranting on this wonderful Sunday evening…. :p Chill yo!

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