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Working hard is easy – but working smart? Is also easy as long as you know what you need achieve and how you achieve it. But most of the time we always found ourselves lost somewhere in the middle. In fact I am so lost with the last sentence that I just talking nonsense. Must be from a full working weekend!

Anyway – this weekend was a tough one! Barely slept, dished out two big presentation decks… went to three client meetings, one client dinner and one conference call. Fantastic life indeed. But of course – things we do for the company. It’s all for the passion of work? Yes.. No… of course yes.

This weekend I am driven by something which I have a lot of passion – similar to a project which I did approximately 7 years ago where I managed to spend the weekend crafting the proposal. I think I spent closed to 50 hours churning out my most beautiful proposal… all 180 pages of it 🙂 The outcome of it – the system was still being used after 7 years. But soon it’ll be replaced, that’s fine.

So anyway – I promised myself not to work next weekend and do some photo shoots instead (in addition to those painful Saturday morning bootcamps :D).

Over and out…

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