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Guess what, if you are reading this post today – it means that you are seeing my new theme!


It’s rather a minimalist look, I like (maybe). I might change after a while though.

What’s so special about this theme is that this is the first theme that I started from scratch – like really from no template no thing. Purely referring to PHP manual and WordPress Codex. I am no PHP coder – I have never done much PHP programming but seriously how difficult can it be. It’s just a bunch of loops and ifs. On the wordpress codex, not complicated at all. Just need to learn how to navigate thru the complex website. Armed with a decent text editor (Coda 2) and google – I was able to pull off the them in few hours. I cheated though, I used Photoshop CS5 to do some initial design, and slice it to death to get the right image.

In fact the initial design comes with a side bar, but i decided not to put it as it seems a bit too cluttered for a minimalist type look and feel.

The theme is well integrated to Facebook, so that …. I don’t have to code the comments section! Bwahahaha…

Next step – I should look at designing a more colorful theme :p

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