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Learning how to draw…

Every now and then I try to learn how to draw, or at least try to sketch myself silly. Clearly I have no skill or talent in drawing. I must say – everybody can draw, but the question is can one really really draw?

From Loomis book…

The above sketch is a quick sketch – using different types of balls to build the composition of a face. Looks pretty easy – and the result is generally quite decent. Question is – where do I go from here?

I think, the most important think is to know what kinda genre that I like to draw?

The above sketch done about a year ago – is really a sketch of the eye. Trying to go for that realistic type figure drawing (obviously all start with small parts then grow it to bigger parts of the human figure..). Does it work? Maybe a little bit.

Then of course – this is a lot more real. In fact, the illustration above is based on my own eyes, traced and then shaded using different curls.Took me forever to complete that!

And the other illustration above was done few months back – and really that’s a whole bunch of tracing that was done based on my own photo. Question is – genre? Am I looking at doing traces or am i looking at drawing some funky digital images?

like the one shown on the cover page of ImagineFX?

One thing about illustrations or digital arts, it’s something that will take forever to master and of course for each and every image – it’ll take forever to do. Do I have the patience to do such things? Clearly not. Instant gratification seems to be the thing that I always look for.. grrr.

So in a nutshell – I shall continue to draw and sketch half baked drawings….


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