Visiting Datuk Keramat Part 2

So finally I back home and loading up some of the pictures to my hard drive. Did not shoot much (which is generally good). There’s not much too shoot (or rather I am way too picky in taking photos). But my problem is that I like to take many many photos of the same subject that create boredomness! Not even sure if that’s an English word. So the location of the market is here:

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Its a really old market, been around at least since 1980 when I first moved to Taman Keramat. Here are some of the photos that I took this morning šŸ™‚

Nasi Madura

Nasi Madura – perhaps a delicacy from Indonesia that seems to be very popular in this market. I can see endless number of customers keep coming back to this stall. If only there’s places to sit, I do not mind to have a try. The photo does shows the Makcik looks a bit angry me taking picture of her – but in reality she seems to be smiling. I do have a couple of photos of her smiling (but not worth publishing on my blog).

Chicken tonight?

Sembelih (Slaughtered) – A photo of an uncle with freshly slaughtered chicken. The next step – is for the chicken to be washed and the feathers be taken off. Then it’s ready to be sold.


Slaughtering the Chicken – The photo shows the guy slaughtering the chicken at the back of the market. The guy holding the knife recites prayers as he slaughter the chicken. Surprisingly, I don’t see blood splattering. Perhaps this chicken are industrialised chicken hence they are not as tough as the free range chicken.

Behind the shops...

Behind the shops – As we can see from the photo above, it shows a family (and friends) just lazing around on Sunday morning. This is behind an egg stall in the market.

Ah.. finally a video showing how big (or small) is the market šŸ™‚


Me at the market – Courtesy of Johan


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