Communications and what not..

Another one of the photos which is shot whilst in Klang.

Ray of light, Klang

The original intention of this photo was to shoot the ray of light going thru the smoke that's burning the incense stick. Good idea I supposed, but it was not an easy task as the morning was quite windy. And being next to an opened window, naturally the wind will be blowing the smoke away.

There's a few ways that one can go thru this, but I guess I am not patient enough to wait. It was not some prize winning shot that I think worth waiting for. Well, that's part and parcel of shooting pictures in such places.

Personally, I am more of a people person shooter. It's a lot easier to shoot people than shoot static objects like this as people are more easier to control. Plus. The effort putting the thinking behind the story of the picture is so so much easier! That's perhaps the reason why I am more of a person that will shoot pictures like this:

Fish market, Tawau

There's not much story there though, its just a lot more fulfilling to have a nice chat with a other guy while you trying to shoot his life away(not mentioning posting it on Internet). Sometimes, it gets tricky because you don't converse the language, something like this:

Coffee factory, Klang

I definitely don't speak Hokkien, and conversation will need to go through translator a.k.a Francis da lawyer. Appreciation of the subject is limited to my visual observations and explanation from Francis. It's even tricker when you don't even have a form of speech communications with the subject, something like this –

Market, Bangladesh

The picture above was shot in Bangladesh, about 2 years ago in my trip there. The only medium of communication was my smile šŸ™‚ and of course the LCD screen of my camera. You'll be amazed at how far a smile and LCD screen can bring you.

Rice mill, Bangladesh

Though sometimes, taking shots like the above could be damn risky. The photo above contains a subject which is extremely sensitive. It's child labor. If you notice the shiny skin, that's because the room that the kid is standing in is at the side of a hot oven. The kid was supposed to shove those rice kernels into the fire so that it'll burn. Was there any communications involved, definitely no. I guess the kids was more stunned looking at me carrying the big ass camera pointing at his face.

Temple, Siem Reap

Seriously, I always enjoy taking shots of people on their most natural way. There's just so much character and happiness all around šŸ™‚

In fact, this was the shot that made me started years ago. A photo of a homeless man, who lost everything.. And now resorting to people's donation to be alive….


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