School in Chicago

Metal Detector

In my recent travel to US few weeks back, I was privileged to be included in one of the corporate citizenship activity by the firm – Junior Achievement. This program basically gets the firm employees to share our business knowledge together with young people in school and colleges around the world.

As part of the JA activity – I was given the opportunity to visit a school somewhere on the outskirt of downtown Chicago – Thomas Kelly High School. It was an interesting experience as I have never been to a high school in US before. The photo above you can see is the metal detector which was installed at the entry point of the school. This is as part of the security measure to detect guns (you know about guns and school right?).

The photo above is the hallway of the school. Looks pretty clean and decent to me 🙂 And plus – it does look like in the movies and TV shows.

Thomas Kelly High School - Hallway

This is the class that I was assigned to – a music class. Quite interesting I must say.

Junior Achievement - Thomas Kelly High School

And of course – since we were in the class – the student actually sang and dance for us!

Thomas Kelly High School - JA

Here’s the video 🙂


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