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Pan Am….

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While I was browsing the Internet few days ago -there’s two shows struck my mind, one was Alcatraz (by JJ Abrams) and another Pan Am. Alcatraz is a story about prisoners who went missing from the prison (and the big mystery surrounding it) – typical of JJ Abrams (the guy who also produce Fringe, Lost). Pan Am is somewhat a breath of fresh air. There’s way too many crime movies (and of course I watch way too many of them too). Pan Am is a story about the bankrupt Pan American airways, possibly the biggest and most successful airline in America back in the 60s.

Set in 1960s during the Kennedy era – the show starts with the first leap into the Jet Age (the same leap that causes them to go bankrupt in 1991). Beautiful stewardess(and flirty too) are the stars of the show. How can one not watch the show right???


What really made me wonder – in my experience flying on American airways – their stewardess are not even close to the one portrayed on the show. But again – that’s TELEVISION 🙂

He he…

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