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Thank god for no rally in town ?


On Monday – 9th January 2012, I will be having a big presentation. Probably one of the most important presentation I have in the last 6 months or so. But what worries me, is not about whether the presentation will go well or not, it’s more whether I’ll make it there on time. But I guess, with the latest announcement – I am relieved, and very glad.

Wtf – I am talking about???


It’s the planned rally on 9th January 2012 – organized by Pakatan. I am don’t have any political inclination to any side – whether it’s Barisan or Pakatan. I am not a member of any political party though PAS somewhat acknowledged me as a member, which I have completely have no idea how the hell that happened, and how the hell they got my personal details. That will be another topic that I won’t be touch. Am quite sure, friend of friend of a friend a friend might have passed my details.

OK – back to all this rally that is planned. I am supporter for freedom of speech – but that will need to come with self-moderation. With self moderation, comes with respect! Respect for other individuals. When a rally is organized, definitely there will be disruptions. Disruptions can be many things. One that is most obvious would be the traffic. I know people would have different views on why does Police do lockdowns and roadblocks. I do not fault them. They, as the organization which is responsible for the security will need to do what ever that they need to do to ensure safety of all. Not just those who participate in the rally, but for the common citizens who ply the city on day to day basis.


When there’s roadblocks, there’s traffic jams, when there’s traffic jams.. there’s disruptions.


Anyway – I am glad that the whole rally thing has been settled. Kudos to both organization Police and Pakatan in agreeing to have a rally in the Jalan Duta car park. Now most importantly is that those who attending Free Anwar rally to behave themselves, and confine themselves to the agreed area. Those who came late and failed to get their spot in the car park, please bugger off. Now what we can do is to wait and see whether all of this will end well. Hopefully this will be a start to a bunch of peaceful rally in a confined environment that does not disrupt other people who could not careless about this matter!


So that’s it. Am just ranting this Saturday morning… he he..



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