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Been really busy lately..

busy-guyIn the past couple of weeks, I have been extremely busy with work! It’s definitely a change for me. For many years, the last week of the year is the time of the year where I will take some time off to wind down, and press the reset button before heading for the new year.

Busy is in fact good, it’s not that I am whining, its just that I am not used to the fact that everybody is off, and I needed to work. Not that I am complaining… just whining (isn’t it the same??).

Anyway – this month is definitely a busy month. I have missed bootcamp for almost two weeks! One week because I needed to be in Prague, while the other week is because I clocked 1-2am daily at work! No way I can make it to Bootcamp without sacrificing my brains. This week is bootcamp off week, so sad… Therefore, I’ll be heading to the gym for some awesome – but not so awesome workouts!

Anyway – just to end this lousy post, I shall post my ever lousy profile picture, took by a professional photographer (still wondering what the heck the fella use ISO1000 for a studio shoot!!!).


**notice the senget glasses??**

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