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History of Battlefield

Battlefield has been a running franchise since 2002! Amazing. I’ve not noticed at all. Apart from Battlefield 3, the other Battlefield that I played before was Battlefield 2 on XBOX 360. Yes I was somewhat hooked, but never got used to using XBOX keypad to do First Person Shooter. In fact, what worse was the fact that I was connected on Streamyx 1.0Mbps which result in mediocre performance for online gaming.

Now that, I am on 20mbps Unifi – online gaming is definitely at it’s best. In fact, connecting to servers which have lower ping (region of below 50ms) – proved to be a great experience. Zero lag! The only thing that is lag is my machine that is incapable of pushing high frame rates!

Well – while I was surfing around for tips on Battlefield 3, I encountered this documentary on Youtube. The history of Battlefield 3. The video is 45 minutes long! I have not even seen it – just skimmed thru the different times. I probably will watch it when I am really, really, really free. If you actually watch it carefully, in the last 10 years or so – you can really see the difference in terms of graphics. How much more have the world progress!

History of Battlefield


In fact – I still remember my first FPS. Wolfenstein! That was probably in mid-90s! Here is how it looked like…

Ancient game!

Damn ugly right? He he..

Look at how it has changed with Battlefield 3…

Battlefield 3–gameplay video


Amazing difference right? I don’t want to know how good it’ll look in 10 years time!


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