Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is another installment of the Battlefield series from EA. It has been ages since the last time I actually played one of this. In the past – I’ve been a fan of Call of Duty series (been playing since the first one, until.. the last one Black Ops). Not so much of a multiplayer person – as I suck at it, plus our connectivity has not been close to satisfactory (before unifi).

Following is the trailer on Youtube!

The graphics is really really awesome. Unless you have one of those damn good graphic card, playing the game will be like any other games. Then again – if only they have the version for iPad, we have something to do over lunch. He he..

I won’t be able to install this on my office laptop – as by firm policy, we should restrict our software and usage to company-purpose. Anything more than that, errr – is not “authorised”. I think. Anyway – I am not much of a gamer, even the games on iPad, i hardly play. Prefer to play paintball. He he.

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