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Trying out blogsy for iPad

So and so, it’s has been a while since the last time I actually blog from my iPad. Reason being is that I couldn’t find a good blogging app. For my Mac, I pretty much settled down on ecto. That’s really an awesome app. Been using it for many years. In fact I actually purchase that! Sometimes you gotta pay to get good stuff on the Internet.

Well, now that iPad is my companion whenever I go(when I don’t bring my laptop), what could be a better platform to blog than the iPad. For years I’ve been stuck with WordPress for iPad. It works, but it sucks big time. Not so easy to embed photos, stuffs from Flickr and such. Blogsy, for now seems to be a perfect iPad app for blogging! Well at least the editing part. What I need to checkout now is whether the layout will come out as good as the app!

You can get more information on blogsy at their website 🙂 it cost about 4.99 a pop. So far.. So good. We shall see how’s the layout later! Woohoo…

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