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High Protein – Low Fat Diet…. for 8WC

8 Weeks Challenge is on – and bulk of the program consists of High Protein – Low Fat (Very Low Fat Diet)

High Protein Diet is very bad for the kidney’s as the organ will need to work overtime in order to process the food. On top of that, the diet will also promote consumption of high uric acid! Such as meat and seafood. Not to mention cholesterol! Most of the artificial protein supplements have hidden animal products in them which usually is a key ingredient among a few other ingredients.

In anyway – the key to the diet is to drink water – mean lots of it. On average, one should be drinking at least 2L of water every single day. Though 2L does not sound that much, but considering the fact that my typical consumption of liquid revolves around coke light, coffee and tea – drinking that amount of water is quite a challenge. In anyway – it’s always good to be drinking lots of water, as the body need the liquid to burn the evil fat.

My typical daily food – usually is as follows:

  • Breakfast – omelette (6 whites 1 yolk fat free cream cheese)
  • Lunch – Roast chicken ( skinless and breast meat) which give me around 135 gm of protein (excluding the animal wrapping on it)
  • Dinner – omelette (6 whites 1 yolk) or steak

In between the meal, I usually snack on turkey ham or smoked chicken. But lately, I have not been snacking that much because I am quite tight up with work and it’s just too time consuming to walk over to the supermarket just to grab a quick snack.

There’s two more things that is key to the success of the diet,

  • #1 – Workouts – its extremely key to ensure that the body burns the fat. Sedentary lifestyle (especially for human beings like me), who sits in the office all day long – tend to NOT BURN fat at all.
  • #2 – Follow up – I have not gone to this stage. Upon completion of a diet – its of the utmost importance that one continue to monitor their daily consumption of food/drinks. It will take at least 6 months to get your body to stabilize to the new weight, thus a continuous diet program is required in order to ensure the weight is kept at it’s optimal level.

Those who know me long enough, would know that i failed on #2 – but never give up! It’s time to correct past mistakes and push for the best!

I am not going to look at the scales for the next 5 weeks (which is the time left for 8 weeks challenge). After that 8 weeks – I will need to do follow up diet for about 2 weeks, before moving into carbo loading stage for my Singapore Marathon (1st weekend of December). After the Marathon I will need to continue diet for at least 6 more months, to ensure that I get myself to my ideal weight. Who knows, I might get a six pack after all before my next birthday (in May).


All in all all – HOOYAH!

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