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Why do people buy single digit plate for their car?

Single Digit Plate for cars are awesome for example WUV1. It looks good – and maybe more “green” because it uses less characters? Ha ha.

How much will you pay for you car plate number. In fact, my last 3 cars – I have not paid to get a number plate. I don’t really see a point as the amount that needs to be paid can be quite ridiculous. For example, the plate number TAN1 goes to a businessman in Johor for RM200k! Goodness. That number itself can buy a few cars!

Well – you can say that the plate number is an investment, but at RM200k, how much more can the number fetch? Perhaps its because the person wants to get the plate number for his family. Definitely he comes from the TAN family. Him – his sons, his grandsons all will be able to enjoy such a nice number! Worthwhile investment? I don’t think so. What significant advantage does one get with that? Perhaps can pass through police roadblocks? Or on the opposite end would be gets earmarked for a rich dude – potential car jacking candidate? He he.


For me – if ever I gets rich and have plentiful money to throw away, I would not mind getting my initials as my car plate number. MF5 would be ideal 🙂 Can put that in my future ferrari or lamborghini 🙂 Heh heh. It would look good. But how much money I would want to spend on that – depends on how much money I am willing to throw away of course. At MF5 – should be looking at a region of 200k at the minimum, since have to buy the number from somebody. And at 200k to throw away – I should have at least 100 times more money that – meaning I should have at least RM20M. Hmmm achievable in this lifetime… Ha ha. We shall see.


My future car? Maybe.. ha ha

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