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Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance is very important to ensure a better quality of life. Everybody needs work to pay for their bills. Everybody needs life to allow them to work. So with that, how does one actually implements a Work-Life Balance?

Here is a rough chart of my distribution of time in a typical working day:


Key highlights:

– I spent equal number of hours eating and exercising!

– I spent most of my time working (no surprise)

– I spent quarter of my life sleeping

– I do have an approximately 17% free time – where I will drive to work, spend time with friends, etc

So, if I exclude 25% of my life sleeping then the percentage of time spent of work (42%/75%) which is 60%. A healthy distribution should be in the region of 50% which translates to 9 hours of working. Is that possible? I think it is.

My working hour starts at 8.30am. Assuming I take 1 hour lunch, then I should leave work latest by 8.30am + 10 hours = 6.30pm. NEVER HAPPENS! In fact, usually I take 15 mins lunch! Lunch is not important to me. Ha ha…

So – struggling struggling. Glad that I actually spend quite a lot of time for my fitness – at least I do get a “peaceful” life (even if its Bootcamp – Hoooyah). It really allows me to rewind and stay focus throughout the day. He he..

Anyway – I think starting tomorrow – I should focus and trying to get work done in less than 11 hours 🙂 Probably would be a good thing to do.

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