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Castle Season 3 Finale (Spoiler alert)


So will Beckett be alive in Season 4 – gosh. Such a “great” ending to Castle Season 3 – but such a great pain to viewers like us because we don’t know whats going to happen to Beckett after she got shot during Montgomery’s funeral. I think Beckett will survive because Castle is not Castle if not of the partnership between Richard Castle and Kate Beckett.


The show seriously will be boring without Beckett – so let’s just see. I quite sure that the bullet hit the medal lar, or miss the organs lar – so we shall see. Another 4-5 months before the next episode! Haih. It’s really a painful thing as I have been diligently trying to catch up from Season 1 within the last few weeks. Day and night – gym and bed, everything-lah just to catch up to the latest season. And now… a cliff hanger! Damn damn…

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