Starbucks Drive-Thru Setia Alam

Drive-Thru is a familiar concept that we have seen primarily with Fast Food Chains like Mcdonald’s and Burger King. Today I have the opportunity to experience a new form of Drive-Thru – Starbucks!



Who would imagine that Starbucks will actually implement a drive-thru for their outlet. From what I have been told, the drive-thru outlet, which is located in Setia Alam is a test outlet. To see the effectiveness of serving coffee via Drive-Thru.

I must say, I am quite impressed with the service. I got my Frap as I reach the counter to pay (it’s a similar concept to Mcd). They use Delphi Systems Call Order Display unit (which looks similar to the one that Mcdonald’s use in Malaysia).

Anyway – if you have time to visit Setia Alam(yes it’s far), do try out the Drive-Thru outlet.

Location of the outlet is as follows:

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