iNeed or iWant



10 reasons why I SHOULD NOT get an iPad 2

  1. I already have an iPad
  2. Its expensive
  3. My current iPad is used more in the toilet than anywhere else
  4. I don’t really fancy playing games on the iPad
  5. I used most of the productivity apps on my iPhone than on the iPad
  6. Prefer to write my blogs on the Macbook than on the iPad
  7. I don’t even facetime from my Macbook or iPhone, why should I facetime on iPad
  8. It’s not very much lighter
  9. The new cover doesn’t work well in Gym
  10. Because I don’t need!

10 reasons why I SHOULD get an iPad 2

  1. It’s lighter
  2. It’s faster
  3. It’s cooler
  4. It’s current
  5. It’s slim
  6. It has two cameras
  7. It has cool smart covers
  8. Safari works better on iPad 2 than on iPad (hate those “slow” scrolling on iPad)
  9. My boss has an iPad 2 (shah)
  10. Because i want!
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