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No Ordinary Family–TV Series

No Ordinary Family is a new TV series brought in by ABC Studios, featuring Michael Chiklis(The Shield) and Julie Benz(Dexter). Read more about the series after the jump!

I have a been a great fan of Michael Chiklis from the series The Shield. I have not missed any episodes in the 7-series long show. It was really great. Full of intensity.

The Shield–Theme Song


And now, Michael Chiklis is back in the mainstream TV series with his new series called No Ordinary Family. This is very different from his character in The Shield. No Ordinary Family to me is more like a Disney produced show (though it’s produced by ABC). Its a story about a family that has super powers. Something similar to Incredibles.

Anyway – based on Wiki:

The show centers on the Powells, a typical American family whose members gain special abilities after their plane crash lands in the Amazon River

The following video shows the trailer for the show:



The show features:

Michael Chiklis as Jim Powell

Julie Benz as Stephanie Powell

Kay Panabaker as Daphne Powell

 Kay Panabaker  on   No Ordinary Family   from the episode


Jimmy Bennet as JJ Powell

Jimmy Bennett on   No Ordinary Family   from the episode

Romany Malco for George St Cloud (Remember him from weeds?)

 Romany Malco  on   No Ordinary Family   from the episode


I must say, the cast is great. Very family oriented show, and I would suggest people to watch this. Again, this show is more like Heroes + Incredible type series. So, if you are the type that like to watch drama – give this a skip!

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