Facebook is now ‘worth’ USD33B


The Financial Times said that the implied valuation of Facebook is worth about USD33 billion which bigger some of the major Internet giants like Yahoo!(USD18.3B) and Ebay(USD30.1B).  

David Gelles, a reporter for The Financial Times wrote: “Common stock in Facebook is trading as high as $76 a share as investors scramble to get a piece of the company before it files for an initial public offering, which analysts say could be the biggest technology IPO since Google’s $1.67bn flotation in 2004.

This is amazing for a company that is barely 6 years old … and now so big. I guess its a good time for people to get a job with Facebook so that they can get the common stock. Whenever and wherever that they go IPO (whenever the economy recover perhaps) – those guys will be millionaire on paper!

I guess, the recent evaluation is in time for the new movie called The Social Network! A movie on Facebook 😀 kekekek


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