Fun Posts

  • Sometimes you just need that lil bit of push! #
  • Seems that iPhone 4 has some major issues with the yellow screen thingy and left hand reception drop. #
  • Stadium Astro on a 46" flat panel.. Times are bad.. Can't afford astro super sport lah #
  • Working.. On laptop.. HDMI output stadium astro on TV for live world cup 😀 #
  • Italy –> ate too much pasta the night before… #
  • The Slovaks looks like they want to whack the italian. #
  • I wonder if Malaysia was to qualify for the WC finals.. whether we could have beaten Italy? Then again … #
  • Slovakian played well – but their sportsmanship is rather spoilt their win… I believe they could have won without all the fuss #
  • Its marathon weekend! Woo hooo #
  • Flood in singapore again? #

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