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Twitter Updates for 2010-05-24

  • Rush to airport. Last 2.7km to Timpohon in less than 45 mins… #
  • Checking in to business class with my slimy state from the qucik rainy descent from mount kinabalu :p #
  • Anybody knows if there's shower in MAS Golden Lounge in KK? #
  • Feeling super exhausted #
  • I need a hot shower! #
  • Now in bandar kinabalu. Headin to airport wooo! #
  • Now in golden lounge in KK. Thank god for shower room.. Aaaahhh. Feels so good #
  • He he. Enjoying a bit of pampering after a full on adventure weekend :p #
  • I got a blister the size of my thumb on my toe… @_@ #
  • Being tired is an understatement #
  • Just landed. Pain on few parts of the body. #
  • The blister is 90% of the bottom part of the toe. Damn bloody painful! #
  • Muscles ache. Blisters. Out of order from running. Dammit #
  • Oh my legs! He he… #

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