Based on The Star article today, the proposal to increase fines to RM1,000 has been shot down. Reason – the fines are supposed to be deterrent and not overburdening…. And its not “People Friendly”.

I totally disagree with that because larger fines mean bigger deterrent. The bigger the deterrent, the more discipline the motorist would be. In fact, RM300 is definitely affordable by many – by the time we move it up to RM1000, many motorist will be afraid of committing any offences and will be extra careful in ensuring that they are with the limits of the law.

Obviously, the drawback of this – there will be more “motivation” for corruption. But with the mobilization of AES – Automatic Enforcement System. This will help in reducing corruption, as one can’t really bribe the robots?

We are just human. Maintaining the fine to be at RM300 is very much like government condoning the traffic offences. Screw being a populist administration. When it comes to safety, its time to put their foot down and take action.

For the faint hearted.. please view this video before you think why you should not speeding (telling myself too)..


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