iPad is seriously a really cool device. Despite the things that people say, the most important thing about buying the ipad is to know what you gonna use it for. Amazingly, the intention for me to buy the iPad is rather a bit stupid, which is to serve as my media player in gym. He he.

For years, I’ve been using iPod as my media player. For the days there were iPod video, then to ipod touch then later to iPhone then now moving into iPad. Amazing go see how technology has progress. I still remember the days where I had to squint to watch 24 on the tiny ipod video screen! And now the gorgeous 9.7″ inter will definitely be freaking luxury! The thing that I need to figure out is how to ensure that the ipad wont fall off the treadmill. He he.

Funny…. Really funny how technology has progress. I believe apple should have made the ipad yolks ago, coz I really think that there are so many applications that can be developed on iPad and benefit the society in general. Imagine how it will transform the world of learning! Kids in a kindergarden will be using the iPad to learn how to read and right. It’s such a great platform to do flash cards based teaching. Or, online news delivery! Wall Street Journal and New York Times looks awesome on iPad! I can foresee, months from now the commuters will be using the iPad to read their daily newspaper! Then again, I wish the public transport here is good so that I can commute to work and enjoy reading newspaper and magazines on iPad!

Darn…. Perhaps I am overreacting and looking for excuses to buy iPad. Or perhaps I have bought it and just making myself feel less guilty about it! He he. Anyway, this is a great gadget and whichever way I do not need go feel guilty! It’s to me a necessity. He he. Boo hoo!

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