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Spam on Twitter

Its amazing what can happen to you or your site when you leave to the public. For example, in my blog, if I just let anybody to put in comments without any filtering, I would probably ended up with thousands of spams.

Thanks to the Akismet spam thingy, I managed to reduced the spam by 99%. Its pretty damn good. But lately, I have been doing a lot more twitter than blog, pretty much because I have not been shooting much and twitter is a lot more easier to do (its micro-blogging). A lot more useful for people like me who don’t really blog, but wants to blog for the fun of it :p

Anyway, I have decided to open up my twitter to public because i wanted my tweets to be published or shared on my blog. And, couple of days later.. here what i get…


Stupid crap. Now I need to look through my followers to make sure that I don’t get all these crap coming. Geeze. Excuse me for the fowl language used. I should probably just forget about sharing my tweets and keep it private…

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