Incompatible Software in Snow Leopard


Snow Leopard is finally here, couple of days earlier that what was expected (must be a business strategy against Microsoft). As expected, a new operating system – you don’t expect that all softwares will be compatible. In fact, as per the previous communications by Apple, non-Intel hardwares will not be supported, thus PowerPC based applications will all be deemed in compatible.


Anyway, over and beyond PowerPC applications, the following applications (as per 28th August 2009) are not supported, and if you are one of the unlucky one (like me) – guess gotta figure something out. Luckily, Parallels was not really on my list of application that I use on a daily basis. In fact, I could purchase the upgrade to make it compatible, or just forget about it.

Software Restricted During Installation or Migration

Picture 1.png

Software Restricted from Opening

Picture 2.png

I am very sure that the list will continue to grow as more people start to install Snow Leopard. For more information, with regards to application incompatibilities, please visit the following support site.

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