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A healthy breakfast..


Breakfast is the most important part of my daily life. It needs to consists of the required nutrients and also enough fibers to keep me going for at least six hours. In fact, if i don’t have enough breakfast – i will ended up feeling hungry and will have either an early lunch or will snack up prior to lunch.

Lately, after introducing carbohydrates back to my mainstream diet – i have been toying around the idea of what will be the ideal carbohydrates to be included as part of breakfast. There are many choices – especially breads – but i guess its not very ideal considering the fact that two loaf of bread typically will last about 3 hours of “non-hungerness”. For a person who eats breakfast as early as 6.30am, its not very ideal.

Therefore – have decided to try out the following:

1) Oat bran

2) Milk

3) Strawberries

For breakfast. I have my fruit intake and also my carbo + loads of fibers to keep me going throughout the day. In fact yesterday, i managed to maintain non-hungerness all the way till 3.30pm! THat’s when i had time to go out for lunch! Since introducing carbo back to my diet, I really need to monitor my weight to ensure that I don’t gain weight. Thankfully enough, I am still losing weight – but at a much slower rate. About 3 kilograms is the target – so far… so good..

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